I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you.  You are a highly effective leadership development consultant and executive coach. Your keen knowledge of business and your calm, warm, and professional style offer us the best of what a coach can provide. Working with you, we not only set objectives for enhancing business development and growth practices, but also gained deep insights into ourselves and our relationships with others. I experienced, firsthand, the successful results of your coaching and greatly enjoyed working with you on the design and delivery of our business plan. You are a dedicated, supportive, and fun colleague.

Thank you for your assistance. Our time has had great value for me personally and assisted greatly in guiding us through this transition. Your questions continually cut through the details of a specific issue to get to the heart of the matter, helping me to clarify my thinking around key business issues, and improve my personal execution. I found your approach to be a magnetic blend of deep curiosity, agile sensitivity, wise intuition, and purposeful conversation. Your process was an open invitation to be at our most relaxed, yet our most focused. The combination produced amazing results!

Dennis has this uncanny way of making you feel very accepted and understood; the type of comfort where you can trust him with your dreams as well as your biggest fears. He is super perceptive and able to hone in on the precise topic at hand. His relaxed demeanor is inviting and allows you to feel both supported and encouraged to pursue bigger and better because you know he believes in you. Best of all, Dennis is FUN! You look forward to each time he coaches … without a doubt there will be breakthroughs and belly laughter. He is an all-around GREAT guy and I feel pretty honored to know him and to have been coached by him.

Inspirit Leadership has assisted us in implementing systems that have made an immediate and positive impact on our business, Dennis and Mary possesses a clear understanding of what it takes to create an outstanding, successful team. Their strongest assets are as motivators and communicators. They take a personal interest in each of their clients sharing ownership of their challenges as if they were their own…and come up with practical, workable and, above all else, sustainable solutions. Our office environment has evolved dramatically to one that is more communicative, empowering and constructive. I highly recommend them.

I cannot imagine achieving the goals that we have without the empowering coaching that we have received. I have seen our team change and grow dramatically through the use of the skills we learned. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your program has been the main source of accomplishment for our business.